Corporate Social Responsibility

Rezorce takes it’s CSR very seriously. For a small organization, there is no legal mandate to share profits on societal causes. Rezorce has striven to build sustainable infra that will aid thousands of poor people.

In 2021, it has built a samudaya bhavana (community hall) in Bagepalli town on the Karnataka-AP border. Bagepalli is listed as one of the most backward taluks in the state with a very high percentage of poverty-stricken people. The Rupa Narendra Samudaya Bhavana is available to locals without discrimination to conduct marriages and other social functions at extremely low cost. The 12800 sq.ft. community hall can accommodate more than 150 people. It has a dining area, kitchen, two rooms, two bathrooms. In addition to the main hall, on the banks of Chitravati River in Bagepalli town.

Rezorce has commissioned a 300L water treatment plant at Veda Dharma Pariparana Sabha, Malleswaram, Bangalore. This institution supports persons to conduct post-funeral religious rites in Bangalore. People come there in their most distressed hour. Rezorce has provided clean drinking water amenity to people who come to the Sabha. Between 600 to 800 persons avail this facility daily free of charge.