Rezorce~Check Employer Red Data


"Rezorce~Check Employer Red Data" is a Rezorce initiative to cleanse Indian job market of fraudulent employers.

'Employer Verification' is a standard best practice that we adopt as a part of both Role Based Verification and Employee Background Verification. We check an employer from both physical and fiscal perspectives.

Our process includes checking an Employer [big and small] from a perspective of statutory compliances. Our fiscal verification sources include Income Tax, Service Tax, VAT, Provident Fund, Department of Telecommunications and ESI records. In case we do not get information about the employer from the governmental records, we call in the Employer and request for necessary information. Most companies oblige with relevant information. That helps us to verify the legal existence of a company

If we are unsuccessful in mining information about a company from myriad statutory sources, we do physical inspection. The physical inspection includes physical visits by authorized Rezorce representatives and / or interaction through the India Posts.

Companies that do not physically exist, but give offer letters and service letters, for a price are listed here. These are fraudulent companies or phantom companies or the "Rezorce~Check Employer Red Data" organizations.

To determine if your candidate's employer is genuine or fake, please key the employer space below and check.

In case you are using this portal to determine if you can collect a false certificate from a company, our advice is "PLEASE DESIST". We will find out about your employer very soon and you risk losing a career – not just a job.

In case you are a recruiter or HR Professional, and you happen to know about fraudulent companies, you can contribute to our efforts by sending details to We will appreciate if you can send appointment letters, pay slips, offer letters, employer key personnel details or confirmations that you have received from them. That will help us validate their existence and include them in this list.

This small application is designed for your benefit. If you find this facility useful in your recruiting / talent acquisition efforts, please follow us on LinkedIn or on Facebook by clicking the accompanying logos.

You can help cleanse Indian Job Market of fraudulent employers by letting your friends know about this initiative and encouraging their usage.

In case you find that we have listed your company by mistake, please send an email to along with your contact number. You can help us take quick action, if you can attach available scanned copies of your companies' statutory information including PAN Card; TAN Number; VAT Number; PF Number and State; and ESI Number and State. Our representative will contact you.