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Rezorce works with hundreds of trans-national companies and help them do Role Based Verification and Background Verification. We work with both fresher and experienced professionals. Most of our recruitment is for people with basic background in technology and some amount of HR. As a growing organization, our recruitment pace is pretty fast. Being a niche service provider, your work with us may not help you qualify for many other jobs. We welcome you only if you are serious about growing with us. We prefer people who want a career, and not a job.

Rezorce is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, language, nationality, caste, religion or any other man made prejudice. We ensure that the most appropriate persons for the job get an opportunity to be interviewed by the client.

Some Resume Tips

Our process is tailored to identify your stengths and put you before the appropriate hiring manager. We encourage you to keep the following in mind, when you draft your resume:

  1. Ensure that you mention month and date for every education and employment particulars in your resume. In today's security environment, employers' believe in tracking the individual closely to secure all of us in our workplace.Our recruiter's verify this as a part of our interview process.
  2. Please mention the actual responsibilities you have managed in your earlier jobs and projects. Be as precise as possible on your achievements and your role in the opportunity. It will help us understand the depth of your expertise and match your talent and experience to the requirement.
  3. Please mention your current and past designations as mentioned in your appointment / promotion letters. We validate your resume with your previous employment documentation to discourage resume padding.
  4. Please mention your desired role in the comments section. That will help us map your expectation and your background separately.
  5. It is helpful if you mention any break in your career separately and mention reasons for such breaks. Forced or unforced breaks are not a crime - you create embrassment for yourself when you misrepresent and get cought.
  6. We conduct background and reference checks for successful consultants. We need complete information [full name; designation; contact numbers; and email ID] for two current peers and one supervisory person in your current organization and two peers and two managers in your previous organizations. In the absence of this information, we get feedback on your tenure, roles & responsibilities from the company Human Resource Department.
  7. It would speed up the process if you can upload proof of ID, relieving letter for previous organizations and appointment letter for current organization.

We take all the necessary pre-cautions on behalf of our client to assure you a safe work place.

We are also taking all necessary pre-cautions to ensure that you do not lose an opportunity to an unscrupulous person, without the right antecedents.

Thanks for your understanding.

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