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About Us

Why Rezorce?

Rezorce is all about innovation and execution. If you would like to work in a structured business environment, then Rezorce is the place for you.

We are not looking for heroes or macho-men. We are looking for people who can focus and help us meet client commitments. We prefer to work with sincere, smart working folks who can deliver consistently responsibilities given to them.

Organization Structure

Rezorce was started in the United States. It is a Delaware incorporated entity. The US Operations are supported from Dhaka, Bangladesh

The India operations are headquartered in Bangalore. We have the R&D Center also based out of Bangalore.

In keeping with Rezorce philosophy of distributing wealth, and involving local talent in corporate development, Rezorce has Joint Ventures [JV] in Sri Lanka and Egypt.

Rezorce has a majority stake in each JV. We provide management bandwidth and marketing support, while officials of the local company provide the delivery capability to the global organization.

Rezorce is also associated with a large number of partners. Each partner gets an equity stake in the company and contributes his / her strength to the company. We have "Executive Partners", "Sales & Business Development Partners", "Delivery Partners" and "Advisory Partners" in each of the six countries, where we have a presence today.

Rezorce looks beyond business to make an impact on the society.

Rezorce Credo

Rezorce Credo is Rezorce Mission. We have the focus to be the best in whatever we do. We would like to be known as the thought leader, cost leader and add value to all stake holders. We believe money & growth follows competency.

Ethics Policy

Our Ethics Policy is the way we would like to do our business and lead our lives. Our Ethics Policy is not aimed at changing the world. It is a way we guide ourselves to become better human beings. That is the lasting difference we would like to make in the lives of everyone who has worked for Rezorce.

Management Team

Rezorce Management Team comes from different backgrounds. Their diversity in experiences, background and thought process make the company.

Diversity Practices

We strongly believe in giving an opportunity to those who need encouragement and support. We would like to, as far as possible, employ people from disadvantaged sections.